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Bansko - history & culture ...

Over 2000 years ago the Thracians named the enchanting Pirin Mountains Orbelus (the Snow Mountains). The high mountains shelter, among many others, crystal water lakes and snow peaks (the National Park of Pirin is included in the list of the Convention on Preservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage), over 230 invigorating mineral water springs, some 100 peaks located at an altitude of over 2 000 m above see level, 186 alpine springs, cultural and historical monuments and offers unique hospitality and cordial reception attracting visitors from all over the world.

Bansko (population: 10 000 people) is an administrative, economic and cultural centre. Located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains in the southeastern part of the Valley of Razlog, the town is famous as a centre of tourism visited by nature friends, ski sports fans and admirers of the Bulgarian cuisine and customs in all seasons. It enjoys the status of a unique complex of international importance to economic tourism.

Bansko is the place of birth of a number of famous national leaders and revolutionaries such as Paisii Hilendarski – author of Slav-Bulgarian History, Neofit Rilski – founder of the world Bulgarian education and first Bulgarian encyclopedist, Toma Vishanov – founder of the Arts School of Bansko and Nikola Vaptsarov – a world famous Bulgarian poet.

The spirit of the past can be felt due to the unique atmosphere created by the two churches, the Convent of the Monastery of Rila and the national revival buildings having preserved their original architecture of fortified house style typical for Bansko.

Walking in Bansko is a unique experience – over 150 cultural monuments, 5 of them of national importance: Uspenie Bogorodichno Tomb Church dating back to the second half of 18th century, Sveta Troitsa Church dating back to 1835 and decorated with original wood-carving iconostasis, the Clock Bell Tower dating back to 1850, Benina House and the house of birth of Nikola Vaptsarov. The folklore, national customs and holidays provide the best picture of the traditional spiritual culture of Bansko and enrich your visit with pleasant emotions.

Among the most famous and attractive feasts in Bansko are the Day of Mummers (1January) and the Festivities of Bansko Traditions (17-24 May) when you may visit ethnographic, culinary and arts and applied arts exhibitions and topical evenings dedicated to the humour, songs, people and customs of Bansko. The Day of Bansko (5 October) and Christmas (20-25 December) are celebrated through folklore programs, while the International Jazz Festival and the Pirin Sings National Fair at the Place of Predel attract the interest of the town guests.

Enjoy the unforgettable pleasure of the music and singing typical to this region and the specific national revival atmosphere, rich cultural and historical heritage, preserved folklore and crafts, original cuisine, cozy taverns and unique nature of the Pirin Mountains and the warm mineral water springs nearby of this unique centre of tourism – Bansko.